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My backpack smells funny

June 6, 2009

We planned to camp this weekend because the hostel was full, but we changed plans when our friend Ursula invited us to stay at her apartment for the weekend. This worked out great because it’s been was cold and rainy all day and I was without a warm sleeping bag. Plus, a carton of soy milk broke in my backpack yesterday while I was on the bus.I had to wash the backpack along with everything in it and then lay everything out to dry. That would have been exceedingly difficult in a tent in the rain.

Because of the milk incident, you’ll be seeing lower-quality pictures on The Copenhagen Questions from now on. My camera hasn’t worked since I fished it out of the puddle in my backpack, and Anthony lost his camera cord a few days ago. We’re down to the webcams on our MacBooks. This will lead to some awkward situations if we want to take photos with delegates next week. “OK, Anthony I’ll hold the laptop. You tell me when you can see yourself and Uganda in the center of the screen…”



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  1. Dilius Maximus permalink
    June 6, 2009 7:54 pm

    hahahaha…..sorry Taylor that rots……hope you get a chance to camp though!

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