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Actions in the weather report

December 12, 2009

Yesterday it was cloudy with a chance of demonstrations.

It’s easy to tell when an “action” is about to start. Look for a concentrated, stationary group of people, clapping or cheering, and camera crews running and fumbling with their gear like firemen on a midnight emergency call.

In the morning youth organizers from — Bill McKibben’s activist group — gathered in the Bella Center’s main hallway. Each held up green balloons in one hand and a pin in the other. At 3:50 p.m., the leader gave the signal and the action began. See the first half of the video below.

Later in the day a delegate from the Cook Islands noticed her country wasn’t even painted on the cow-colored black and white globe in the very same Bella Center hallways.

Youth delegates spontaneously made their feelings known and joined the cause of AOSIS, the organization of small island states.

Their chant: “Keep the islands on the map!” It’s powerful symbolism. If climate change continues at the current rate, science predicts with relative certainty that the most vulnerable of their islands will literally drop off the map.

See what happened here.

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  1. Nicholas Johnson permalink
    December 14, 2009 12:37 am

    That’s awesome you guys got to march! The photos I’ve seen showed so much energy and concern, but unfortunately the coverage from the major media outlets (nightly news, google news updates, etc.) have all focused on the negative aspect of those few belligerent who were arrested. A headline I read just a few hours ago said “Hundred of protesters arrested at climate talks.” Where’s talk of the other 99,600 peaceful activists!

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