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Spotting the Sun in Denmark + March Against Tar Sands Development

December 12, 2009

Today I might have seen the sun for the first time in a week. Maybe. While we were getting ready to leave from our host home, Taylor and I heard Andrew yelling from the shower about sunlight. When I looked outside, I saw a collection of really bright clouds, behind which I believe Americans refer to as “the sun.”

At the conference, I’ve continued my role as pretend journalist and cameraman. It’s not that convincing, but everyone seems happy to talk. One of today’s main actions was on tar sands development, an expensive and polluting process to get oil (see wikipedia entry). A young woman was surrounded by a large crowd of US and Candian youth and yelling loudly about the cancerous impacts of tar sands development, and how indigenous people were being exploited for energy they never used. She said indigenous people have “traditional knowledge” called common sense, which informs them to tar sands development out of a climate treaty. I took footage of the march and interviewed one of the main organizers.

Also, wondering what the Bella Center looks like inside? Here’s my tour of the lobby.

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