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5 Updates from The Copenhagen Questions crew

December 14, 2009

The Bella Center's "climate consortium."

We are alive! Even though we have not updated for a day and a half, we would like to let everyone know we are doing well. Here are five other updates to clue you in for the rest of the week.

5. The rest of the DePauw students (13 total now) safely arrived in Copenhagen yesterday. They are regularly blogging here. The group came straight from a full night of flying to the Bella Center, waited in line for an hour or so, and was immediately were whisked away to a meeting with one of Senator Lugar’s staff members. Needless to say, they acted like narcoleptics.

4. Along with regular blog posts, we are planning to take more video footage. For anyone who wants to see every video we upload, go to .  For those with YouTube accounts, you can “subscribe” so you get an e-mail notice for every video we upload.

3.  Our host family’s dog, Hercules, has a comical obsession with a tennis ball.  Andrew has fun taking the ball and watching him chase it. Sometimes Hercules sleeps with it in his mouth.

2. The COP15 website, , has links to live webcasts of the sessions, and regularly updates with COP15 news. Grist’s “How focked are we?” section is very good as well.

1. We did not get arrested! Approximately 100,000 people marched in the streets of Copenhagen yesterday. Most were peaceful, but some were detained. We are happy to see we did not have the unpleasant experience of having our hands ziptied behind our back and then forced to sit cross-legged on the ground. For most of the marches, we were trying to make sure the other DePauw students got accredited inside the Bella Center. Boring, but true. Rest assured mom!

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